Natural Products

We harvest our Natural Products from the lush green foothills of the Himalaya. We don’t make the use of chemicals during the development of our products.

Keeps your family healthy

Our main focus is to provide our range of products high in its health values. That’s why we avoid making use of health hazardous for our products.

Our Story

Agrigor is an eminent manufacturer of natural products like jams, juice and herbal teas. We harvest ingredients from the lush green foothills of the Himalaya for our natural products. We strive to produce chemical free natural products. We amass fruits from in the vicinity of our plant in the Ramgarh belt. An adept team of the professionals works with us to make tastiest Jams and other products in India. With our products, we want to ensure a good hygiene of our valuable customers.
With our deliberate efforts, we have enhanced the quality of Buransh juice in Uttarakhand. The local flower of the Uttarakhand buransh (a type of rhododendron) makes really delicious and intoxicating juice high in its nutritional values.We have revolutionized the production of Buransh juice in India.


Always Fresh

We take the freshly harvested fruits and raw materials in the vicinity of the Ramgarh belt. We emphasize on keeping fruits as fresh as they are in the farm while making our products.

Safe from pesticides

We don’t make any use of any kind of pesticide to ensure the high quality and nutrition for our products.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing premium quality organic products like jams, juice and herbal tea. With an extensive experience, our endeavors are aimed to enhance the quality of our products consistently.

- Every day fresh -


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