When I was totally drained out from the artificial, modern and passionate life of Metro city, I left the city Gurgaun and reached to the Mountains of Himalaya which are the inspiration for human kind from eons of time.

There I got a chance to stay and learn in a world famous institution in Satkhol, Known as SHRI RAM CHANDRA MISSION , CENTRE OF HEARTFULNESS MEDITATION which gave me an indomitable spirit and inspiration to march forward towards goal of our life.
While staying in Satkhol, I saw that the belt of Ramgarh and Mukteshwar are big rich belts of fruits like apricot,apple,pear,peach etc. in which fruits were going to waste every year due to lack of awareness among poor farmers and no major action plans taken by Government has been implemented there. So, I decided to make useful products from that fruits which was going to waste.
I put this desire in front of Head of Heartfullness Institute, Mr Kamlesh D. Patel. He replied with good wishes and suggested me to write “A GIFT FROM THE MOUNTAINS “on label of products.
After starting the work, slowly slowly I realized that it was really a gift from the Mountains to me and others. Because I was doing exactly what my heart was looking for and when we had employed local people for work, you know, the smile of their faces made an impression upon my heart that I am on the right way.
Now the local farmers could bring fruits which they couldn’t be able to send to market (especially those who have only one or two trees) due to financial reason. So, it is a kind of Win –Win situation for both of us.
So, Agrigor was actually initiated as a manifestation of inner quality of heart which is nothing but pouring love in each activity of life , which I am cultivating by doing practice of Heartfullness.Also, as a new enterpreneur,we need tremendous courage not only to face the fear of failure but to move forward also.That courage only comes from heart. So, I welcome to all to try this simple and natural heart based method of meditation. For more information about heartfulness
please visit: en.heartfulness.org/