The Delicious World Of Jam

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May 24, 2013
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September 14, 2016

The Delicious World Of Jam


There’s a simple reason why our Jam products are so popular and our customers are so loyal. It’s because our jams are made to the finest recipes, using the best ingredients, to the highest standards and with the greatest care.

Our Jam products don’t have artificial additives or preservatives, but they do have secret ingredients – such as integrity, honesty, and real natural taste of fruits.

We love to innovate and we’re not afraid to combine flavours to create great new tastes. But we also believe in getting the basics right, we cook in a traditional way with the care you would use when preparing food for your own family.

Our customers usually say this statement that Agrigor Jams are not looks like Jams of Fruits but Fruits itself.This is what we are using to manufacture;Using Organic Fruit from near about Farms and using no chemicals while processing so that we can ensure original taste of fruit.

Our range covers Apricot, Apple Plum and soon we are introducing Strawberry, Blueberry,Peach and Pear Jams and Preserves. The Agrigor brand is an assurance of the highest quality, whether you are buying the smallest jar or a catering pack for your restaurant. We also understand that you want to use our products in your own label products, or you may need a bespoke range of surprising new recipes.

No matter what the situation, if quality and taste are what you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place.

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